At Large Members
                                      Betty Bailey
                                      Wanda Clarke
                                      Ralph Fallin
                                      Kacky Sanford 




                                    Standing Members
 Loretta Benninghove (Pastor)
 Ralph Fallin  
(Vice Chair)
 Amanda Birdsall 
(Secretary, Missions/Outreach Leader)           
Shirley Wease (Prayer Coordinator)
 Bobbie Bauldock  
(Assistant Treasurer)
 Linda Fallin  
(Chair Finance Committee)
 Scott Flickinger  
(Financial Secretary; District Steward; Audio   Visual)                                                                                           Cindy Flickinger (Worship Ministry Chair)
 Louis Smith  
(Sunday School Superintendent)
 Bruce Beahm  
(Chair Board of Trustees; Chair United   Methodist Men)
 David English  
(Chair Parsonage Committee)
 Kristina Ambruster  
(Children’s Ministry Team Leader)
 Beth Scherm
  (Children’s Ministry Team Leader)
 Jeanne Axtell  
(Lay Servant, Annual Conference Delegate)
 Rebecca Gillions
  (President United Methodist Women)             TBD
  (Disaster Response Coordinator)
 Kevin Potts  
(Membership Secretary)

Ebenezer United Methodist Church

144 Ebenezer Church Road, P. O. Box 70, Oldhams VA 22529

Founded 1838 - Sharing God's Love Through Service

 Worship Ministry TeamCindy Flickinger(Chair), Bobbie Bauldock, David English (Head Usher), Earline   English (Communion Steward), Sarah Withers (Altar Guild), Bridget Gillions (Acolytes), Scott Flickinger (Audio Visual)

 Records and History CommitteeRebecca Gillions, Bobbie Bauldock, Anne Scates, Marie Yancey

 Mission/Outreach Team – Love Movement Chair Amanda Birdsall, Co-chair Beth Scherm

 Parsonage CommitteeDavid English (Chair), Marie Yancey, Sarah Withers, Jimmy Clarke

 Child Protection Committee Loretta Benninghove (Chair), TBD (Lay Leader), Vicky Clarke (Chair PPR), Kristina   Ambrusta (Children’s Ministries Leader), Beth Scherm (Children’s Ministries Leader), Louis Smith(Sunday School   Superintendent)

 Nominations/Lay LeadershipLoretta Benninghove (Chair), Bridgett Gillions, TBD (Lay Leader)

 Pastor Parish Relations CommitteeVicky Clarke (Chair, 2025), Loretta Benninghove (Pastor), Jeanne Axtell (Annual   Conference Delegate), Kay Duprey (2023), David English (2023), Anne Scates (2024), Ralph Fallin (2024)

 Board of TrusteesBruce Beahm (Chair, 2024), George English (2024), Ralph Fallin (2024), David English (2023), Sarah   Withers (2023), Kay Duprey (2023), Jimmy Clarke (2025), Bobby Gillions (2025), Barry Sudduth (2024)

 Finance Committee TBD (Chair), Loretta Benninghove (Pastor), Jeanne Axtell (Annual Conference Delegate), Vicky   Clarke (Chair Pastor Parish Relations), Ralph Fallin (Chair Church Council), Bruce Beahm (Trustee Representative),   TBD (Lay Leader), Scott Flickinger (Financial Secretary), Linda Fallin (Treasurer), Bobbie Bauldock(Assistant Treasurer)